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What is a creative and unique gift?

What is a creative and unique gift?  Everyone has there own thought of what is the perfect gift but let's really go down to the basics. 

Creative is one that loves to express their inner thoughts through their talents of art, these are some times found as one of the kind art and craft pieces as no piece is the same, then other times they can duplicate but the artist is able to put their label and be proud to call it their own piece of art. Creativity is a dream in a artist head they see a vision and create it. Some Artists will expand their piece into reality of a business selling products to their public. Some Artists are happy to just keep their pieces to themselves to admire or share them among family and friends.

The products are coming across in different styles of fabric, materials, some are handmade others are made by machine depending on the amount that are being processed. These pieces of art come in different styles, colours and sizes. When a artist wishes to process their dream more into a reality of a business they have to also look at the mufti-purpose of the piece, productivity, originality and most of all they want it to be different than every store being able to have it on their shelves. They want to be different and have their product stand out when being brought showing that extra effort of locating and finding the gift and giving it to person knowing their dream was much appreciated with long lasting memories and smiles.

Creativity and Unique gifts are different in a way that your average store will not stock, it's stepping into out of the square box looking further. 

How do you know what type of gift to actually choose? Well that's not a easy answer if anyone is like myself it's a thought process. I look at the person and celebration behind the purpose of the gift. If I know the person well enough I have been able to know what type of person/animal it's for. Which sometimes will narrow the process down.

Sometimes being observant helps listening or looking for hints that way be shared in a conversation.  Look at the style of person with products they may have received and are they displayed proudly or used. Lets face it you do not want to buy a gift that is either going to be recycled as another gift or stacked in a cupboard and forgotten. 

Do you know if they have a favorite colour? as sometimes colours do play a big part in the process. When you think of a gift have you thought of is this present for me or the actual person/animal you are buying for?   We do have a habit sometimes or some of us do to buy gifts because we are drawn to them, we love them. We need to step back a little and think will they love it as much as I will. 

as you can see so far it is a thought process and it's not a long one when you really start to think about it.  You want your type of style in the selection but you also want them to love it too. 

What do you get for someone that has everything? now this is not true because you feel they have everything - it's a matter of stepping out of the square box, sometimes the simplest gifts are the best ones. Everyone is so focused on buying big and better gifts they are forgetting the simplest gifts are truly from the heart.  Has the lady who has everything does she actually have something that is personalized that she can say that's mine.  Does she live and breathe like all of us, so why are you making her feel any different. She will be happy knowing you have gone out of your way just to express your thoughts. 

What do you when you do not get a smile of gratitude after giving your gift?  Let's face it not everyone is like you? they may show it in a different way, as long as you know you went out of your way and presented the gift showing your emotions or feelings for the celebration with a small or large card or piece of paper expressing their name and reason. They may not have your thought process switched on like yours at the time, but in a quiet place they may reflect and it's embedded with a long lasting memory.  

I find that giving gifts always have a little piece of paper or card with it. It's like having a resume when going for a job. it's that' extra touch.  You do not have to be the best gift wrapper as there are decorated boxes and bags these days to help with the process. Our business specializes in unique and creative gifts and understand going out that extra mile makes a huge difference. Feel welcome to visit us on social media for updates or our webpage. www.creativeartandcraftgifts.com.au